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Featheredge Fencing

What is a Featheredge fence?

A featheredge fence is decorative fence created using overlapping boards which taper to a thin edge at one side. The thin edge is overlapped by the thick edge of the adjacent fence board, repeating across the entire panel to leave no gaps.

What are the advantages of a featheredge fence?


Featheredge fencing offers superior durability and strength over lap panel fencing, without sacrificing style and decorative appeal. It is ideal for exposed areas, harsh weather conditions, visibility screening, good security or other fencing jobs where strength is a requirement.

The featheredge panels we produce are by far the strongest panels we have ever seen in our experience. Using 32mm x 75mm back rails combined with 125mm featheredge boards and finished with a heavy duty capping this makes a very strong panel. All boards and rails are pressure treated for low maintenance!

Available in sizes from 6’x 1′ to 6’x 6′ with double sided panels made to order this has to be the ultimate “fit & forget” panel.

These garden fence panels are built to last, with sturdy timber or concrete posts.

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Hit & Miss Fencing

What is a Hit and Miss Fence?


A Hit and Miss Fence gets its name from how the boards or pales are fixed to the fence rail. They alternately are fixed front and back with a gap as wide as the board. The boards are positioned so as to fully obscure the view. The pales come in various styles and widths.


What are the advantages of a Hit and Miss fence?


A Hit and Miss fence offers a consistent view of the fence from both sides as well as allowing some wind to pass through the gaps, whilst also diminishing its force.

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Picket Fencing

What is a Picket Fence?


A Picket Fence (also commonly known as palisade fencing) is traditional style of fencing using from wooden pales fixed to a wooden rail with gaps left between the pales. Various pale styles are offered including rounded top, pointed top and variations thereof.


What are the advantages of a picket fence?


Picket fencing is ideal for protecting or cordoning off an area, or marking out boundaries, whilst allowing light to pass through or allowing some view of the scene behind. A picket fence works well for the majority of properties and gardens as it can protect garden features such as ponds or a vegetable patch without obscuring the view.

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Lattice Fencing

A lattice fence is one with an open framework made of strips of wood. The wood has an interwoven pattern to create a very decorative and visually pleasing appearance. Lattice panels come pre-made and are assembled between supporting fence posts.


What are the advantages of Lattice Fencing


Lattice fencing is the most visually appealing and decorative of all fencing options. Options allow for an open see-through style or a fully obscured style where the emphasis is on the appearance. This style of fencing also lends itself perfectly for use as a climbing frame for plants where an organic aspect is desired.

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Lap Panel / Waney Board Fencing

What is a Lap Panel Fence?


A Lap Panel Fence is one of the most common forms of garden fencing, also known as Waney panels.


What are the advantages of a Lap Panel fence?


A lap panel fence offers a cost effective solution to garden fencing as well as easy installation. They offer an economical solution where boundary fencing is desired with complete screening for privacy and enhanced security of your property.

Brompton Joinery only only sell high quality waney panels with a thicker cut board held together with sturdy treated battens on both sides and a weather capping on top. This offers improved storm resistance and will save you money over the cheaper versions in the long run. All of our garden fencing is installed using high quality, concrete fence posts or wooden fence posts.

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